Why Did I Start This Blog

I want to be a better blogger. While my friends and family have encouraged my writing and the small posts I have thrown out there, I feel a little intimidated by and rather lost in the scope of successful blogging. This morning I signed up for the WordPress U better blogger course. My first assignment was to write about “who I am and why I’m here.” Geeze, this  course isn’t playing around. My brain started to real around all the existential answers to this seemingly easy question. 

After thoroughly examining my intentions, life aspirations, clandestine  goals, and deepest fears for most of the day, I calmed down and considered what this question is really asking. Ultemetly it is preparing me to focus on what message I want to provide. 

I am a first time business owner following my dreams of running a successful horseback riding vacation destination while rehabilitating rescue horses. I believe that there is an untouched pool of horses waiting to be understood, loved, and given a chance. With so many good horses for sale why would anyone look to a rescue for a horse? Perhaps it takes a special type of person to look into the eye of a misused animal and say, “I hear you and you can trust me.” It is the moment of finally breaking through the walls of mistrust and cracking open the potential of these horses that is the epitome of a reward. I want to share this passion with other equestrians. 

The shenanigans of starting my own business can be highly entertaining, especially when horses are involved. I thought I started this blog to capture the moments of laughter, pain, blood, tears, and triumphs but none of it would be possible without the horses standing in my barn. With out these creatures I would only be human. They are the reason I get up each morning and find the courage to follow my dream. I blog to chronicle the journey of rescue horses and bring awareness to viability of the second chance animal. 

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