Day 3 Lets Visit the Neighbors

Thankfully WordPress U took it easy on me today or I just really liked the assignment. Remember I’m a sucker for homework. Although I follow a few blogs on WordPress already, I was challenged to explore five new tags and follow five new blogs. 

I love reading other people’s work. So I typed in rescue horses, trail riding, equestrian, cowgirl and horsemanship. I found a few blogs that I already follow and love. The blog   has a unique cowgirl voice. And I follow this blog for the amazing training advise,

I surprised myself by following other blogs such as The first follows the photography of Farnsworth in New Mexico. The second is written by a woman who balences her love for horses and her husband’s for hot rods.

I’m excited to read, because it offers an interesting point of view about writing in the equestrian industry. The blog follows the journey of a novice to her 100 mile race. It was the picture and the message of that caught my attention, and looks like it can speak to the heart. 

I read at least one article of each of these blogs. Some are positively intimidating, others are encouraging as they too are still finding their voice. Out of all of my tags I researched I found that “cowgirl” produced more interesting pieces than any of the other tags I researched. It made me rethink the use of tags and hope that it will be the subject in the lesson plan. 

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