Day 4 My Reader, My Tribe

When did you fall in love with horses? For some it was a pigtailed obsession playing with model horses in puddles. The equine bug can also bite the empty nester with lot of love still left to give. I fell in love while still in the womb. When my mom finally went to the hospital in labor, after being two weeks over due, her doctor sent her home to walk. Instead she rode her horse. I may not remember this exact moment but my mom’s passion for ponies was passed down to me. 

Horses have been a unifying element for many women and can transcend age, discipline, and ability. Something happens to the ego when women come together over something they love. I have watched competition melt away and compassion, understanding, and laughter fill its place when we have a group of women riders. No one worries what they look like on their horse, instead they just enjoy the ride. When one rider is a bit nervous about her ability other riders encourage her confidence. At the end of the day we all can sit around the fire with a glass of wine and relive the days triumphs and missteps with the bond built by horses. 

When I was assigned to identify my target reading audience I immediately thought of these ladies. The woman who find encouragement, adventure, community, and sisterhood through their love of the horse. 

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