Day 5,6, and 7 Fidgeting with Widgets and Tweaking Content  

I blocked these days together because my over achiever inner child has already worked on the theme, “about me” page, and customization. Now everything can be improved. I toggled through themes, trying on new ones and throwing them off like unwanted clothing. Deciding on a theme is like picking out a dress for a first date, you want to make a good first impression. Nothing too young, sloppy, or dated, I want my reader to be interested in taking the next step but not rushing to the end. I decided to reinforce my brand by choosing a look that mimicked my website, but is unique enough to stand on its own. I browsed through a plethora of color schemes, settling on my standard grey and turquoise, like a classic black dress. However, the turquoise does looks more blue on a P.C.. Now widgets were a bit harder, kind of like shoes. The “follow this blog” header was too big and clunky like combat boots. Instead I opted for the sleek stiletto silhouette of the “follow” button. To keep my page simple and clean, I declined to heap on many more widgets as if they were stacked bangles. 

Now that I had my blog all dressed up, I had to decide if I wanted to keep or discard my already written “about me” page. This little statement reads like a dating site script.  Who is your author? How much do I reveal on a first date? Do I divulge just enough to keep my reader intrigued? Do I let them know what my intentions are? Instead of scrapping the initial piece, I revised and edited the content until it flowed with better rhythm and stood with confidence. I didn’t want to overthink this date with my reader, but I want to let them know who they will be engaging with and what they should expect from my writing. 

I’m certainly not done working on my site, not because I’m a perfectionist, but because I like to fiddle with new techniques. I believe changing up my blog style or adding a new widget can bring unexpected spice back into a comfortable reader/writer relationship. I hope you like the improvements and I would love to hear how you make your blog better.

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