Two Ears Tuesday

Today’s shot took place on the last warm day of the season. We celebrate our Thanksgiving the Sunday before and I was very thankful to escape the kitchen for a few hours to take a few friends on a trail ride. The ears belong to Mia, my mischevious red dun mare. The love birds holding hands, Patience and Mark, rode Boz and Cisco. The whole ride Patience would giggle every time Boz would trot. “He’s got a lot of go for an old guy,” she would say. Boz is 34. It was a reunion for Heather and Zena. Heather had ridden the pretty Appaloosa mare when she was still at the rescue 5 years ago. It was Heather who urged us to work with Zena, who was ill mannedered but an amazing ride. Now Zena’s manners are much improved and Heather couldn’t stop gushing over her training. Our ride wouldn’t be complete without my outrider Paige giving some much needed exercise to Rain, our bay baby. The wether couldn’t have been more perfect for late November, my horses were on their best behavior, and the company was full of laughter. 

It was a day to be thankful for. 

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