Two Ears Tuesday 

After a holiday hiatus from posting I’m back with this reminder to ride more and worry less. I found this meem plastered all over Facebook, being shared and re-shared, liked and loved. I don’t often make New Year resolutions because they usually get neglected and abandoned when they become unpleasantly inconvenient. However, it’s easy to be resolute about something that you already love.

I believe that equestrians can all agree that there is something about being in the saddle that melts away stress. It could be the rhythmic movement composing a moving mantra, or the companionship of a silent partner who listens to your every concern, or that being out in nature seems to slow down time like a leaf floating from a limb. A few nights ago I dreamt about galloping across an open field on my favorite thoroughbred. It made me realize that I have been out of the saddle too long and have let my worries settle in too deep. So I’m making a promise to my self this year to get on the back of a horse more and leave my troubles behind. I hope that you too can add this to your resolutions list or simply make more effort to ride this year. 

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