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For some it’s in their blood, for others it is a way of life, for me it’s like breathing. It is an automatic function my body does to survive and I am unaware of its presence until a cataclysmic event forces it to the forefront of my consciousness. Most days riding my horse is an uneventful pastime. It can become strenuous, like running up hill and being short of breath at the top. Then there are times when the world is crushing me and I feel like I may never take a deep breath again. At this moment just touching my gelding, concentrating on the quiet bond, is the cornerstone that brings me back to a central cognizance. To say that horses are my passion is inadequate, they are the reason I get out of bed every morning.  I am fortunate to have discovered my life’s work so early and make it into a business. Enchantment Equitreks may seem like just another trail riding outfit, but behind its wanderlust approach to the average vacation is a desire to rescue the bodies, minds, and souls of the most desperate animals. I love working with rescue horses. Each animal has a unique story that has locked up their trust, confidence, and understanding. It is up to me to find the key. I inherited my ability to connect with the abused and neglected horse from my mother. She taught me to listen to the animal and let them tell me when they are ready to trust again. I keep my self open to learn from her, from other horsemen, from experience and I write a blog to chronicle all of my mishaps and successes of rehabilitating rescue horses.


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