Adulting Like a Grownup 

I am clearly adulting correctly lately. Although adulting hasn’t made it into Webster’s yet, its become a highly used slang to describe Performing tasks that are associated with adulthood. I am usually trying to postpone adulting, like leaving my laundry until the last minute. This procrastination is usually the result of working for a boss, i.e. I have to do this or I will get in trouble. However, there are days when adulting produces outstanding results and overwhelms me with a since of accomplishment and responsibility. This go getter attitude is a direct result of being my own boss. There is no one to blame but me. 

Two things have happened lately due to my adulting. First we received our first repeate booking. When I found out I danced around the house chanting, “We’re a legit biz!” Then it dawned on me. We’re a legit business, I’ve got more adult things to do! I would like to think that our client would have booked again this year regardless my little prompting email I sent a few weeks ago. However, my adulting ego was proud of my follow through and was thuroghly beaming.  

Riding with Siri in Los Ojitos
My next great success is Mia, our little tiger striped dun mare. She is  our first foster from The Horse Shelter and my first horse to pick out on my own for the business. Most of the time Mom and I visit the rescues together, pick through a few candidates and work together to choose our newest foster. Last year, due to illness, I trucked out to the shelter on my own, waded through the candidates, and settled on Mia. Since then she has become my pet project, with her snarky attitude, big doe eyes, and huge heart. And as we began this journey together we are finalizing it tomorrow when a representative from the shelter will come out for a home inspection and will have Mia’s adoption papers in hand. I’m so happy to say Mia will be joining our heard as a ranch horse and will be avalible for clients to ride this season. 



My adulting is simply trusting that I can actually do adult tasks effectively and realizing they’re not as daunting as I believed. When I complete a project, a blog, or even the laundry I feel a since of order and accomplishment. It gives me the drive to do more adulting, even when I sit in my pjs all day binge watching Gotham.