Spreading Love

Usually with Valentine’s Day creeping upon us I would be writing about how much I love my horse, my dog, my man, friends and family. Instead I’m wanting to spread a little love this year. 

Five years ago Mom and I spent  about a month volunteering at Mozambique Horse Safari with Pat and Mandy Retzlaff. We came to them with a big five year plan to start our own horseback riding business. I’ll never forget Mandy looking at us and saying, “Darling, don’t wait, go home and do it.” With out the encouragement, guidance and friendship of these wonderful people and their horses we would never had taken the big leap and start Enchantment Equitreks. 

The Retlaffs have an incredible story themselves. Mandy actually wrote 104 Horses about their harrowing endeavor to heard 104 horses across Africa during the Zimbabwe land reallocations. Yet their struggles continue. Mozambique has found itself in a devistating drought and much of the grasses that their horses survive on is gone. Pat and Mandy are now in need of help to feed their herd. Here is where I am asking all of you this holiday to send a little love all the way to the horses in Africa and give what you can. They have a set up a go-fund-me account for any one who can make donations. I thank you in advanc for these amazing people mean the world to Mom and I. 

If you are interested here is the like to the Go-Fund-Me account on Facebook. Happy Valentine’s Day.