Riding Under a Kaleidoscope of Hot Air Balloons

Pumpkin spiced coffee, ombré hued leaves and a crisp breeze usher in fall for so many, but here in New Mexico this season smells like roasting chili and sounds like the rush of helium lifting hot-air balloons. New Mexicans love to share these experiences with world and we want to show case them during our riding vacations.

This morning came quick as we left the warmth of our beds for the dark before dawn. We were greeted with a blood moon eclipse hanging above and a cloud of breath from horses snorting in protest to their early wake up call. As we pulled out the front gate, reports of high winds and a possible field closure came in from our ballooning friends. Well we were already on our way… At least it would be a decent morning for a ride.

Our concerns grew as we rode out onto the sand of the Bosque. The sun began to peak out from the clouds and illuminate the cotton woods tinged in a soft gold. Then peaking behind a distant salt cedar was the out line of a balloon. Moments later waves of floating rainbows drifted over our heads, then drop down to splash in the muddy river, and lift off again to fill the sky with dots of magic. Our horses, at first unsure about the creatures overhead, watched in as much awe and wonder as their riders. I can only say it was the perfect New Mexico fall morning.