Two Ears Tuesday

On Sunday Toby and I braved the unseasonable wind and ventured out into the unknown on our first off property trail ride. We followed Mel and Jake down the neighborhood lane where trash cans lurked around corners and large rocks stood as sentinels. The little paint looked at each new object with cautious curiosity but never spooked.

As we wound through the wooded path he eagerly stepped out, I think enjoying his new vocation. He flit from one side of the trail to the other trying to take in all the new sites, smells and sounds. It was like trying to ride a butterfly in the breeze. He carefully picked his way through the rocks but when it came to move around the long limbs of a cholla my leg cues became ineffective. I ended up dismounting and leading him around the cactus, there was no need to make this pleasant afternoon a disaster. When we made the turn back for home Jake began to jig and bounce. We stopped and Mel worked him through one of his nervous moments, Toby waited patiently like a seasoned trail pony.

Our decent down the hill proved to be my mounts biggest nemesis. Although he willingly accepts a rider, he’s still learning how to carry their weight. As my center of balance moved over his shoulders he naturally turned across the hill to traverse. I instead pointed him back down the slope and offered him steady support as he learned to bring his haunches under his body.

We retuned back to the barn with a sweaty saddle pad and an itchy backed horse. This big outing had left Toby tired and me with a list of arena work, legs cues there at the top. It’s back to schooling for us but Toby and I sure did enjoy our first field trip.

Two Ears Tuesday

Not every training ride goes as planned. Toby and I have graduated from the arena to riding around the property. We were following Mel and Jake over logs, around trees, and Toby was handling every obstacle like a champ. I became over confident and thought it was a great idea to video our awesome training ride. As the horse in front disappeared around a corner Toby became nervous and wanted to catch up. I was busy playing videographer instead of trainer. When I added my leg to aid Toby around the large cactus bush, he didn’t pick up on the cue and aimed strait for the cholla. I’m pleased to report that both horse and rider avoided the prickly, instead I escaped with only a mouth full of pine needles from a near by piñon tree. When I’m asking a horse to learn they deserve my full attention. Although it was Toby’s training, I’ve definitely learned my lesson.

Two Ears Tuesday

The red waters of New Mexico run through the salted desert like veins through an open hand. This photo was taken in the river bed of Ojito Open Space, where petrified trees and the bones of the largest dinosaur, the Seismosaurus, have been discovered.

Two Ears Tuesdays are back! Follow our journeys through New Mexico here each Tuesday. Come stay with us and discover these places for your self.

Enchantment Equitreks

Knowing I Am Enough

It seems when life gets busy the first thing I set upon the shelf is this blog. Lately it’s been shoved to the very back corner where only dust and spider webs live. In the months it’s sat idle an entire summer has slipped by.

The balmy days between May and September are undeniably the busiest for the business. With only 5 seasons under our belt, Enchantment Equitreks is in its infancy and I’m trying to learn how to juggle and balance all the hats I now wear. Somewhere amidst the chaos I decided to write a blog. I was keeping up pretty well with a weekly post and a few longer pieces sprinkled through out the month. Yet it seemed as the days got longer I found less time to write.

A few days ago, as I was mucking paddocks, I listened to a pod cast about You Are Enough. Even though it was an interview with Deborah Burkman about her 17 year yoga teaching career, I found it spoke directly to my multifaceted life that reads like a drop down menu.

Business Owner

>Horse Trainer

> amateur vet

> full time groom

> semi amateur farrier

> barn manager

> poop scooper

> Marketing Manager

> website designer and master

> social media director

> head of advertising

> photographer

> blogger

> Wrangler

> trail guide

> sous-chef

> yoga instructor

> gardener

Find your purpose and come back to that. And know that you are enough

I may be missing a few categories, but when something needs to be fixed, fed, or facebooked, I’m your go to gal. However, I find my self bogged down with trying to get it all done. During her interview, Burkman said, “Find your purpose and come back to that. And know that you are enough.” This simple and clear message lifted the self imposed weight off of my shoulders and folded it into a more manageable carrying case.

What I do every day is enough. No matter if my day is filled with time in the saddle, time on the computer, or even time reading a good book, it is enough. My to-do list will always be there. The emails will keep coming in. Horses will need to be fed in the morning.

Part of accepting this truth is focusing your path and knowing your purpose. I had to start with the big questions. What is the purpose of my business? Then work down to the smaller details. What is my purpose for this blog? I love writing because it gives me the creative outlet needed to keep my brain lubricated. I’m ok not making money, becoming famous, or having heaps of followers. So when my brain shuts down for a while, and my blog sits in the recess of a dark shelf for months, I’ll know it’s ok. My purpose guides my path and what I do is enough.

Better Blogger Day 2

Well day two of my WordPress U better blogger series has proven to be just as difficult as the first. After my latest blogging achievement I constantly checked my email for the next assignment like a school kid who likes homework and new notebooks. Today I have been challenged to “take control of your title and tagline.” Thankfully the email offered a little advise on how to update my opening statement and, like the overachiever geek I am, I spent the next few hours researching what constitutes a good title and tagline. 

I decided not to change my title. At first I thought my “Never Holler Whoa In a Tight Spot,” was too long and bit wordy. I looked at the titles of blogs that I follow. Some winked at you with clever quips, others stated their purpose with clear intentions. Mine is neither frank nor witty but it has a back story. This is actually a quote my mom would tell me when life got tough. Basically when the horse you’re on takes off and is heading on a course that you will both have to squeeze through, it’s better to just hang on and trust your ride then to stop the momentum. This is exactly how I feel about not only starting my own business but heading into unknown territory of using rescue horses in the trail riding industry. There have been a few instances when I’ve narrowly passed through this vet bill and the that feed tab while hanging on for next paycheck. Yet I let life have its head and reward me with one heck of a ride. ​

I did change my tagline. My original blanket statement was cute in a generic sense but my research drove me to be creative to capture my reader. This tagline is where I can clarify my title and offer insight to the purpose of my blog. Oh how clever of Worpress U to have me identify why I’m blogging yesterday. I want the reader to understand that using rescue horses in my type of business is a new concept. “Navigating New Trails, employing rescue horses in the horseback riding industry,” I believe this has just enough wit and frankness to uphold my title. 

I couldn’t simply plug in my new tagline. I spent another hour tweaking and adjusting the look of my blog to highlight my new opening statement and founding title. I’m sure in the syllabus of my course there will be a lesson on optimizing the theme and I’ll have to readjust again. However, this is the first time I’ve been excited about my blog and receiving another homework assignment. 

Why Did I Start This Blog

I want to be a better blogger. While my friends and family have encouraged my writing and the small posts I have thrown out there, I feel a little intimidated by and rather lost in the scope of successful blogging. This morning I signed up for the WordPress U better blogger course. My first assignment was to write about “who I am and why I’m here.” Geeze, this  course isn’t playing around. My brain started to real around all the existential answers to this seemingly easy question. 

After thoroughly examining my intentions, life aspirations, clandestine  goals, and deepest fears for most of the day, I calmed down and considered what this question is really asking. Ultemetly it is preparing me to focus on what message I want to provide. 

I am a first time business owner following my dreams of running a successful horseback riding vacation destination while rehabilitating rescue horses. I believe that there is an untouched pool of horses waiting to be understood, loved, and given a chance. With so many good horses for sale why would anyone look to a rescue for a horse? Perhaps it takes a special type of person to look into the eye of a misused animal and say, “I hear you and you can trust me.” It is the moment of finally breaking through the walls of mistrust and cracking open the potential of these horses that is the epitome of a reward. I want to share this passion with other equestrians. 

The shenanigans of starting my own business can be highly entertaining, especially when horses are involved. I thought I started this blog to capture the moments of laughter, pain, blood, tears, and triumphs but none of it would be possible without the horses standing in my barn. With out these creatures I would only be human. They are the reason I get up each morning and find the courage to follow my dream. I blog to chronicle the journey of rescue horses and bring awareness to viability of the second chance animal. 

Adulting Like a Grownup 

I am clearly adulting correctly lately. Although adulting hasn’t made it into Webster’s yet, its become a highly used slang to describe Performing tasks that are associated with adulthood. I am usually trying to postpone adulting, like leaving my laundry until the last minute. This procrastination is usually the result of working for a boss, i.e. I have to do this or I will get in trouble. However, there are days when adulting produces outstanding results and overwhelms me with a since of accomplishment and responsibility. This go getter attitude is a direct result of being my own boss. There is no one to blame but me. 

Two things have happened lately due to my adulting. First we received our first repeate booking. When I found out I danced around the house chanting, “We’re a legit biz!” Then it dawned on me. We’re a legit business, I’ve got more adult things to do! I would like to think that our client would have booked again this year regardless my little prompting email I sent a few weeks ago. However, my adulting ego was proud of my follow through and was thuroghly beaming.  

Riding with Siri in Los Ojitos
My next great success is Mia, our little tiger striped dun mare. She is  our first foster from The Horse Shelter and my first horse to pick out on my own for the business. Most of the time Mom and I visit the rescues together, pick through a few candidates and work together to choose our newest foster. Last year, due to illness, I trucked out to the shelter on my own, waded through the candidates, and settled on Mia. Since then she has become my pet project, with her snarky attitude, big doe eyes, and huge heart. And as we began this journey together we are finalizing it tomorrow when a representative from the shelter will come out for a home inspection and will have Mia’s adoption papers in hand. I’m so happy to say Mia will be joining our heard as a ranch horse and will be avalible for clients to ride this season. 



My adulting is simply trusting that I can actually do adult tasks effectively and realizing they’re not as daunting as I believed. When I complete a project, a blog, or even the laundry I feel a since of order and accomplishment. It gives me the drive to do more adulting, even when I sit in my pjs all day binge watching Gotham.