Better Blogger Day 2

Well day two of my WordPress U better blogger series has proven to be just as difficult as the first. After my latest blogging achievement I constantly checked my email for the next assignment like a school kid who likes homework and new notebooks. Today I have been challenged to “take control of your title and tagline.” Thankfully the email offered a little advise on how to update my opening statement and, like the overachiever geek I am, I spent the next few hours researching what constitutes a good title and tagline. 

I decided not to change my title. At first I thought my “Never Holler Whoa In a Tight Spot,” was too long and bit wordy. I looked at the titles of blogs that I follow. Some winked at you with clever quips, others stated their purpose with clear intentions. Mine is neither frank nor witty but it has a back story. This is actually a quote my mom would tell me when life got tough. Basically when the horse you’re on takes off and is heading on a course that you will both have to squeeze through, it’s better to just hang on and trust your ride then to stop the momentum. This is exactly how I feel about not only starting my own business but heading into unknown territory of using rescue horses in the trail riding industry. There have been a few instances when I’ve narrowly passed through this vet bill and the that feed tab while hanging on for next paycheck. Yet I let life have its head and reward me with one heck of a ride. ​

I did change my tagline. My original blanket statement was cute in a generic sense but my research drove me to be creative to capture my reader. This tagline is where I can clarify my title and offer insight to the purpose of my blog. Oh how clever of Worpress U to have me identify why I’m blogging yesterday. I want the reader to understand that using rescue horses in my type of business is a new concept. “Navigating New Trails, employing rescue horses in the horseback riding industry,” I believe this has just enough wit and frankness to uphold my title. 

I couldn’t simply plug in my new tagline. I spent another hour tweaking and adjusting the look of my blog to highlight my new opening statement and founding title. I’m sure in the syllabus of my course there will be a lesson on optimizing the theme and I’ll have to readjust again. However, this is the first time I’ve been excited about my blog and receiving another homework assignment.